Acts of Occupation cover

This is a site about the book Acts of Occupation: Canada and Arctic Sovereignty, 1918-25, by Janice Cavell and Jeff Noakes (published by UBC Press in 2010) and related issues in the history of Arctic sovereignty. We will frequently be adding links to material of interest to readers of the book. The UBC Press website provides the book’s table of contents and a free sample chapter, which can be viewed here.

Header image
The header image is a detail from “Templeman and F.W. Maurer hoisting a flag during the celebration of Dominion Day at Rogers Harbor, Wrangell Island, [Alaska], 1 July 1914,” Library and Archives Canada, PA-074079. A colourized version of the photograph appears on the cover of the book.

The book Acts of Occupation and this blog are produced by the authors on their own time, and do not represent the views of the Government of Canada or of any of its agencies.

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