Tugging a long-lost ship back to its Norwegian homeland

Amundsen's Maud near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Amundsen’s Maud near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Today’s Globe and Mail has an update on the long-running story of Norwegian efforts to salvage Roald Amundsen’s ship Maud and return it to Norway:

At long last, the Maud will float home.

After years of trying to persuade Ottawa to allow Norway to reclaim the famed schooner sailed by legendary polar explorer Roald Amundsen – and which is currently resting partially submerged in Nunavut’s Cambridge Bay – Norwegians have set their plans to retrieve the ship from its resting place of 82 years.

With a price tag of $5-million to $6-million – or more if necessary – the raising of the 300-tonne vessel that is now scheduled for next summer will be a challenging technical feat, relying on simple physics.

(Read the rest of Tamara Baluja’s story on the Globe and Mail‘s website. There’s also a small gallery of photographs. The “Maud Returns Home” project also has its own website for those in search of updates.)

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